Thank you very much for visiting my homepage! I'm a digital and traditional artist and usually go by either polarwiesel or M.Rockatansky. I paint personal artworks as well as commissions and I'm always interested in new projects!
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Who I am

About the Artist

I started drawing digitally in 2011 and art in general has been around all my life. I love to bring the ideas and concepts of people to life and make them happy with my creations. And I try to get a little bit better with every piece I paint. My favorite things to draw are animals, especially reptiles and monsterlike creatures, birds and canines.

I studied design and am currently a professional graphic designer. I'm specializing in screen & interface design.

How Does It Work?


You might be interested in commissioning me and wonder how it all works? I put together some of the most frequently asked questions to help you get an impression on what is possible and to guide your way to your own commission.

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Make sure you read the FAQ! Most general questions are already answered there. If they can't solve your problem don't hesitate to contact me!


Make sure you read and understood my terms of service to know about my rules and conditions for commissions before sending an inquiry my way!

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