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Frequently Asked Questions

The following explanations answer most of the regularly upcoming questions concerning commissioning me. Please read them carefully, but don't hesitate to message me about any more questions you might have!
You'll find my contact details on this page.


I'd like you to paint something, what do I do?

If you might be interested in commissioning me it would be best for you to know what you want at first. Please look at my pricing page for more information on what different types of artwork I offer. As soon as you have an idea about what you'd like and/or what your budget should be just contact me and I'll get back to you with an offer!

Are you open for commissions?

You'll see my available commission slots at the pricing page. I try my best to keep them up to date, but since I receive messages from various platforms they might not be at all times, so new slots could already be available or they could be taken.
In addition to the slots there is also a waiting list though. That list is not definite and helps me to schedule my upcoming work, you can also contact me on that topic if you're not yet ready to commission me, like when you want to get more references before or when you need to save up money. That way you will have priority positions for upcoming free slots and I'll message you as soon as I'm ready.

Are you open for free requests, art trades or projects?

I usually don't take free requests. I might be interested in art trades or short and long term projects though, so if you have an idea about that don't hesitate to message me!

Do you have a full price list?

You can find a list of my commission prices at my pricing page. I do not offer fixed prices though since I want you to only pay for the exact amount of work your piece of art requires. Therefore the list only displays the lower end of the different categories for your orientation.
Just message me about your idea for a free individual offer about your concept. Alternatively you can tell me about your planned budget and I'll give you an impression of what level of detail would be possible for your character.

Please keep in mind that especially for highly detailed artworks the prices can become a lot higher than the initial minimum value depending on the complexity of the character and the environment as well as the level of detail.

What information do you need for a commission?

That depends on the kind of work you want.

Of course I generally need information about the character you'd like to display. Ref-sheets and backstories are very useful, if the story is quite long it would be best to give a short summary of the most important elements. As far as you got an idea of the pose or scene in general a description or maybe even a rough sketch can help a lot!

If you want me to visualize your character idea try to keep your description as precise as possible. Reference pictures or photos are fine as well and a small drawing is most helpful for me to get an immediate idea of your desired color palette. This is not mandatory of course, but can save a lot of time.

If you plan a specific use for your picture like getting a poster print, using it as a wallpaper or profile picture please tell me about that as well. These cases might ask for special resolutions, proportions, detail levels or something like that.

How does commissioning you go off?

Once you contact me I create a concept of your idea. If there are any questions I will ask you or else I just get back to you with a price (range) and sometimes suggestions on what might be cheaper or maybe better looking.

If you agree with the concept and the cost I will make a sketch of the final artwork. Once you approve that the payment is due. If you commission me for sketching you'll have to pay in advance.

During the painting process I'll come back to you regularly to give you the chance of correcting aspects of the work so the character meets your image of them. When the picture is finished you'll get a low resolution version for web usage and your own high res image (usually in Full HD).

How do I pay?

Payment is due once you approve the final sketch (or in advance for sketching commissions). You'll get an invoice via PayPal which supports a variety of payment methods (such as PayPal balance, bank account, PayPal Credit, debit or credit cards, rewards balance) and all currencies. Conversion fees for payments outside of the EU might apply.

Adopts & YCHs

Do you offer adopts or YCHs?

I'm currently in the poccess of creating adoptables and YCHs. Please check back later or follow my Furaffinity to get notified about my new works!

Can I submit suggestions?

Yes, definitely! Since I want to create characters or scenes you are actually interested in feel free to tell me about your ideas. Seeing some trends within these proposals helps me narrow down some new character concepts.

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Make sure you read the FAQ! Most general questions are already answered there. If they can't solve your problem don't hesitate to contact me!


Make sure you read and understood my terms of service to know about my rules and conditions for commissions before sending an inquiry my way!

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