Terms Of Service

If you want purchase one of my adopts, please read the following lines carefully. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you will not be able to buy, so please try to solve this before everything else.
  • Full Ownership

    But don't use my characters to make money
    Once you payed the full price for the adopt you'll have full ownership for non-commercial purposes, meaning you are allowed to change their design, backstory, name and gender or any other aspects about the character and you alone decide if or how you want to use it. You are allowed to present any original character in NSFW artworks as well. Monetization of the character (e.g. using them as a mascot for a brand or as a character in a video game) is not allowed, please contact me if you plan on doing that. Of course this does not include commissioning paid artworks of your new character as long as said artworks are for your personal, non-commercial usage.
  • Current Artworks

    We can both share my artworks on social media
    With your payment you will get the rights to use the full amount of artworks included with said character for non-commercial purposes so you can post the artworks on your own social media and give them to other artists for reference.

    Existing artworks will remain up on my social media as well, additional materials such as progress shots or speedpaint videos of these works might be published afterwards, meaning I will maintain my creator's rights. There will not be any new artworks, except of course you commission me to create some. Should I feel like drawing a sold character again I will ask your permission just like any regular artist.
  • Resell

    for fair prices
    You can resell adopts you bought from me for the same amount you paid me at maximum. If you got more art for said character you can add a sum that matches the value of said artworks. Just keep it fair.
  • TOS Violation

    I won't snatch it back from you
    I added this section in reaction to the uprising concern about some artists "hiding" paragraphs in their TOS to randomly take back characters after they've been sold. Should you somehow happen to violate my TOS (which should usually not really be able to happen if you're just using the character the way OCs are commonly used by creating content and backstories, doing RPs, commissioning artists and so on) I will in most cases just note you about it. Should I witness you're trying to make money from the character you bought I reserve the right to ask for fair compensation depending on your usage.
  • Clearing

    through PayPal invoice
    Payment is due right after your purchase. The currency is Euro and I accept payment through PayPal invoice. For prices of 180 € and more partial payments are possible, just contact me on that topic if you're interested.
    Please note: If you're living in a non-Euro territory, PayPal will charge you a conversion fee (1,8 to 3,3%*).
  • Restitution

    No refunds
    Once you bought the adopt there will not be any refunds. You are buying the character as is. But of course I want you to be satisfied, so if you feel like there's actually something not okay with the purchase please contact me about it. Not having used the character enough or a change of mind do not qualify as reasons for refunds though.
* Details fo PayPal conversion fees

To find your country use Ctrl + F

0% for Euro transactions

1,8 % for non-Euro transactions from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

2 % for non-Euro transactions from Britain, Vatican State, USA, Canada

3 % for non-Euro transactions from inside Europe, but outside the EUR territory, including Albania, Andorra, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgary, Georgia, Kosovo, Croatia, Letland, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Macedonia, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary

3,3 % for non-Euro transactions from any other country

** This is a short breakdown of PayPal's conditions to help you know your final costs and might not be up to date at all times. To check the current fees please visit the PayPal homepage.

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