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Please read my

Terms of Service

I kindly ask you to read about the conditions of my work before commissioning me. It’s important you know your part of the deal.

Need Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most answers. If there should still be any questions left, don’t hesitate to message me.

Before Commissioning me

I’d like you to paint something, what do I do?

It’s awesome you’re interested in my work! If you like what I do and you want to get your own artwork from me here’s how it works:

First you should have a rough concept about what you want and / or what your budget should be. My pricing page helps you to narrow things down. If you have an idea about the artwork you can send it to me through the commission form as long as my commissions are open. I’ll review your inquiry and get back to you soon with more details and sometimes open questions. Please keep in mind that I only got limited time, so I’m not always able to take all the commissions I get offered.

If all the details are clear and you’re okay with the price I’ll start sketching your idea to know we’re on the same page with the concept. Payment is due only after you approve that initial sketch (except for sketching commissions). Once the clearing’s concluded I’ll start painting. During the process I’ll get back to you with WIPs regularly so you can give me corrections if necessary until we’re all done and you got just the artwork you wanted.

Are you open for commissions?

At this time I only open my commissions for short periods. The current state can always be viewed on the commission form page. While they’re closed I don’t take any new jobs, but you can still send me your idea so I can review if it’s possible and how much it would be. That way you’ll already be able to save up and you’re ready for the next com phase. 

If you want to get notified when I open them again I highly recommend signing up to my mailing list or following me on Twitter. I publicly announce the opening date on my Twitter, but people on my mailing list will get a little head start and their own review cycle, so chances are higher to get a commission though the mailing. You can sign up right here.

Exceptions on closed commissions

The only exception to the commission periods are commercial jobs and sometimes private commissions with short deadlines. If you want to hire me commercially you can send your work inquiries to at any time. If you need a commission very fast you can use the commission form and tick the priority box, but please note that there is an express fee depending on the time frame.

Are you open for free requests, art trades or projects?

I usually don’t take free requests. I might be interested in art trades or short and long term projects though, so if you have an idea about that don’t hesitate to message me.

What information do you need? Are visual and written references mandatory?

I can usually work better the more information I got about your character and the scene. The more exact the image you describe, the closer my final work. If you got a specific use case (e.g. a poster print or a smartphone wallpaper) that’s naturally always a very basic piece of information.

That doesn’t mean you need to give me a whole essay on the concept you had in mind of course. Please keep in mind though that I fill all the missing pieces myself, so you should take a little more time to really think about what elements are important to you to avoid additional corrections later.

As a base I like to have a visual reference and a few words about the character’s nature and what they do. Especially the last part sometimes gets left out, but the nature plays a lot into the atmosphere of the picture. More info is always great, just remember that I have to go through a lot of different material over and over, so I can’t read whole stories. Better give me a summary of the most important facts that are relevant for the picture. Lists are great to work with. Of course your own sketches are also most welcome, even if you don’t consider yourself an artist. Oftentimes they help a lot.

Text-only descriptions are possible as well, but usually take a little more time and more correction cycles. For that reason they’re 15 % more.

I want something that’s not listed on the pricing page.

Not everything I can do is currently listed as a regular commission. I also offer to give you an individual quote. Especially traditional artworks and very complex digital ones are hard to categorize and time, so for some works it’s just necessary to know exactly what you have in mind. If you saw something you can’t find on the pricing page or if you’re unsure what category your idea would be in you can always ask me about it.

Do you paint NSFW?

Maybe. I don’t generally exclude NSFW commissions and I did some before. I review them individually to see if they still fit my aesthetics or not, so there’s not really a list of stuff I absolutely don’t do. If you’re interested you can just send me an inquiry and explain what you have in mind, I’ll get back to you quickly!

During the process

How do I pay? Are there payment plans?

You can pay through Paypal Invoice. That means buyer protection and fees (except for conversion fees on your end) are included as well and you can use all available PayPal payment methods, like PayPal balance, bank account, PayPal Credit, debit or credit cards and rewards balance.

Payment plans are available for commissions of 80€ and more. If you’re interested in flexible plans just ask me about it before the commission starts!

Can I see WIPs and give corrections?

Absolutely yes! If I’m working for you I want you to receive the piece of art you imagined. The essential part of a good result is cooperation, so you’ll receive updates every once in a while, at least before every crucial step, to approve the work so far and to give corrections if necessary. So don’t hesitate to step in if you see something that should be changed.

While these corrections are usually free of extra charge I ask you to be fair about the things you want changed. I can’t completely redo a work right before it’s done after you approved all the previous WIPs, as there’s no way that would fit into the time table I calculated. Don’t worry though, I didn’t decline any changes to this date, but I wanted to make sure I include a line like that even though I’d consider it common sense. You never know.

Can I cancel a commission?

Of course you can always cancel a commission. If I didn’t start working yet that’s completely free of charge, but any case beyond that is an item of individual review. If you have to stop a commission please message me immediately so we can evaluate what work has already been done. I’m sure we’ll find a fair way of compensating the partial work or rescheduling the commission.

How can I use my commissioned artwork?

Regular commissions are for personal use only. That means you can use them as wallpapers, gift them to friends, post them on your own social media with a backlink and so on.
Any commercial activities that involve making money through the artworks directly or indirectly (selling prints or digital copies, using the art for ads or in video games …) are not allowed.

Having the artwork printed on a product just for you or to give it as a gift to a friend is usually alright. If you’re unsure about a use case you can always ask me, I’m glad to help.

Of course commercial works are possible as well. If you’re interested you can send your work inquiries to